About DIET Patna, Bikram

The DIET was envisioned in the National Policy of Education, 1986 and were created by the government of India, ministry of Human Resource Development in the early 1990 to strengthen elementary education and support the decentralization of education to the district level, under the centrally sponsored scheme of teacher education. DIET’S mission is to provide academic and resource support at the grassroot level for achieving quality and universal elementary education and adult education. DIET Patna, Bikram was established in the year 1992 to fulfil the above vision and mission.

Vision of DIET, Patna, Bikram:

The vision of the DIET is to ensure quality education in the district, both at elementary and secondary level, by providing academic support to teachers according to their needs. DIET would also ensure community involvement in the schools for their all-round development. The DIET would make itself as an educational hub to solve any academic problem of the district.

Mission of DIET, Patna, Bikram:

• To prepare quality and competent teachers for the elementary and secondary education.
• To organize need based trainings for teachers of primary and secondary schools.
• To prepare locally relevant teaching learning materials and make good use of educational technology in education.
• To develop curriculum materials and evaluation items to increase learners’ achievement level.
• To undertake action, researches, case – studies, research projects, school visits, on-site support to schools and publications of newsletter.